Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science + Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Many disciplines of engineering focus on the physical creation and kinematics of robots and intelligent systems. In partnership with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, CS + Robotics and Intelligent Systems retains the CS Core and focuses electives to help students bring life to systems and give machines the ability to operate autonomously.

Mechanical Engineering – Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation applies innovative technologies to problems in robotics, robot-human interaction, manufacturing and health care. Our research ranges from artificial intelligence to autonomous and remotely operated robot technologies, including applications in additive manufacturing, underground mine safety, magnetic guidance for placement of probes for deep brain stimulation and remote telesurgery. We use both high-performance computational and physical prototyping methods to advance research in these areas. Undergraduates can select multiple electives useful to robotics and can choose the Robotics, Automation, and Design track in a Mechanical Engineering Minor or as an Area of Special Interest.

Bachelors of Science in Engineering

The BSE’s design focus provides hands-on experiences from the start of your education, including working on real-world challenges in interdisciplinary teams and mastering all phases of problem definition, concept generation and solution implementation.

Earning a BSE at Mines means you will develop expertise in integrative design, which enables you to bridge traditional problem solving approaches to engineering, creative design and social sciences.

Students in the BSE program take a 24 credit focus area of which one choice can be robotics and automation.

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Have you ever said to yourself, “I bet a machine could do that”?
We at the Mines Robotics Club certainly have. Our mission is to advance the future of robotics.